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Each of [her] poems is flooded with light, color and sensory detail; they are the activity of an eye intent on seeing more of everything in the range of vision . . .

— D.A. Powell

As a poet I invite the reader to join with me on an excursion into a varied landscape of voice and form. Stylistically, my poems range from intimate lyrics to expansive narratives. My work can be playful, meditative, visionary, challenging, and open to experimentation. My poetic process is organic; a holistic happening, not something forced through. It involves my total experience in a harmonious way. The act of writing for me means to travel, both body and soul, with the poem as a living being. My observations are a constant seeking toward something beyond the actual forms of what I see. What exists beyond, in essence, is unexplainable—poetry invokes and embodies the eternal mystery.

— Virginia Barrett